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Potato Masher Recipe Holder

by Weegee

For our wedding, Mike and I avoided the usual gift list and instead requested that friends and family members submit their favorite recipe or family pictures.  Rather than adding items to our house, we felt the pictures and recipes added richness to our home.  Which, by the way, was one of our better ideas.

In the recipe department, we received handwritten step-by-step how-tos for Apple Spice Muffins, Clam Chowder, Sugar Cookies, Tater Tot Casseroles, Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, Sticky Love Buns and countless other amazing family creations.  Some included a story while others were picked based upon our love of cooking and cheesy dishes.

Last weekend, the two of us stumbled upon a garage sale being held by members of a neighborhood retirement community.  From cute baskets to bench seats to bikes and skis to adorable knickknacks, all of the proceeds were going to a charity drive for Alzheimer’s.

One particular item caught my eye — an old potato masher with a wooden handle. When I inquired about the piece, the “salesperson” (for there was many roaming around to help shoppers), was surprised at my purchase.  They even asked if it was useable in my opinion.  I told them that it was the perfect piece for what I had in mind.

The reason for my interest was based upon a blog entry I discovered for turning a vintage potato masher into a tablet holder for the kitchen.   From the picture, this seemed like an easy project for me to tackle and would provide the perfect stand for our newly enhanced recipe collection.

I should disclose that, by nature, I am not a crafty person.  I find that I lack patience when it comes to creating items, whether it is because the object isn’t turning out to be like the image in my mind or the painstakingly process of do again and again until you nail the procedure.  However, our DIY wedding has sparked a bit more of the “need to create” passion within me. From cards to holiday gift ideas, I have been looking for more projects to tackle.  Read: this may not be the last of my DIY posts!

So, using two pairs of pliers, I bent the wire masher frame so that one of the pieces was pushed back further than the other tongs.  I then painted the handle using leftover paint from when Mike and I gave our living room and bedroom a pop of color.  Once the paint dried, I used the leftover Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens from our wedding to add a bit of flair to the handle.

I will be honest.  I could still use some practice writing our last name . . . but you’ve heard that one before.

In the end, Mike and I have a brand-new personalized recipe holder to help with our cooking experiments in the kitchen.  Not only did we give new life to an old utensil, but we created something that will further our love of cooking.

All in all, it was not a bad buy for a loonie ($1) donation to a good cause!


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