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DIY Sharpie Glassware

by Weegee

Delirium Tremens GlassCreating unique and standout glassware is a huge trend.  Rather than investing in just glassware, more and more DIYers are stretching their creative freedom and customizing glassware for graduations, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Our first experiment with designing a one of a kind glass was for a wedding in December.  The bride, Mike’s best friend, is a champagne drinker while the groom like the hoppy brews.  I created a “logo” for their wedding and Mike etched it onto a flute and pint glass using a white oil-based Sharpie paint pen.  We then put the glasses in the oven (not pre-warmed) and cranked up the heat to 350 degrees.  After 20 minutes, we turned off the oven and left the glassware in there until they cooled completely.  That was it.

Sharpie GlassesOne of my favorite glasses is the pink elephant snifter glass for Delirium Tremens beer.  I had a bit of a hard time getting my hands on the glass and recently a chip was taken out of it during a dish-washing incident.  Undaunted, Mike pulled out the Sharpies and created his own take on the iconic glass, with one large pink elephant that he drew on one side of the glass.

He’s also recently tapped into his artistic side to hand-paint the pots for our window herbs. He drew flowers and our “MW” logo around the freakishly large coffee cup that now holds our basil.

DIY Sharpie GlasswareNext time you are looking for a unique gift or need to add some flair to a boring cup, a quick trip to the neighborhood craft store and a bit of creativity is all you need.


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