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Why Everyone Should Blog

by mikeandweegee

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” — Andrew Sullivan

People blog for a million and one reasons.  From recipes to crafts to Canadian Adventures, everyone has found a series of stories they want to tell.  The blog gives everyone a stage (or soapbox) to write anything from anywhere and have it published for the world to read. It allows us to explore our world, expand our writing boundaries and connect with people near and far.

The other day, I was talking with my mother-in-law about an email she sent me where she relived a scary moment on a recent bike ride.  She was the passenger behind my father-in-law on his Harley when they rounded a corner to find a herd of deer in the center of the road.

According to her, “our course of direction was there was no avoidance of the animals.  (Her husband’s) mind immediately went into all the necessary steps to stop a motorcycle the fastest way possible and keep maximum control of the bike.  I, for my part, discovered I had complete faith in whatever the outcome.  Either there was enough time and distance from the animals that John could stop before we got there, or if not, whatever happens to me/us is okay.  I was not scared.  I had my feet on the upper pegs which allowed me to push against them to keep me from “running into John’s back” with my momentum during the rapid deceleration.  Otherwise, I was relaxed.”

Obviously the story had a happy ending.  I told her that I knew the whole incident took about two seconds in real time, but that her writing of the incident actually had a great set-up. I felt stressed reading about it. It was then that she confessed that writing about it was her way of processing the event.  She was able to get it out of her head, turn off the negative spiral of “what if” scenarios and put it to rest.

I always look forward to her emails, for they are a personal snapshot of her day or a recent event.  But her comments just reenforced my views regarding blogs.  It doesn’t even have to be a “live” blog or one that is publicly shared, but I believe everyone should have at least one blog . . . and here are the reasons why:

Be Curious

Have fun, share your sense of wonder and be curious about the world around you.  Once you start writing a blog, whether it is about chocolate, the beer brewing process or how to revamp antique furniture, you will search the world around you for content. You will develop a deeper curiosity, ask a bunch of questions and stretch beyond what is right in front of you.  You will find a deeper sense of engagement in everyday activities and routines.  Mundane tasks will be fused with a slightly different sense of spirit.

Be Creative

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” — Henry Ford

If you believe yourself to be creative, you will act, think and behave creatively. You will search for new ways to express yourself and further your communication with the world.  Let your imagination wonder.

Share Your Moments

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fast pace of life and overlook the moments.  Blogging about the special moments we share with friends and family help us connect with those who matter most about events that matter most.  It establishes a connection or sharing highway with people in our inner circle and beyond.

Express Your Self

“We all yearn to create things and moments that make our feelings tangible. We want t o convey more than what spoken words alone can say.” — Sandra Magsamen

Each of us wants to connect with the world around us — the people in our lives.  It is sometimes easier to share the meaningful, scary or emotional stories within us through creative means. From crocheting to painting to baking, there’s an artist that lives within each of us — with a strong need to express.  It’s a way to share events, process thoughts and paint a perspective.

So, what’s your passion? What viewpoint could you offer the world? From life on a wheat farm to a blog about inspiration, the world will benefit from your thoughts, views and stories. Engage your inner storyteller.  Share with the world.

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