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Getting Creative with Curtains

by Weegee

They save the true essence of creativity comes from creating with what you have or, in other words, troubleshooting. It may not be developing something brand new but rather inspiration from what you have and can do. This is exactly what occured with curtains.

I recently moved into a new home with theses fantastic windows that separate our living room from our home office.  The glass allows our living space to feel large and open, yet have a definite separation from work and home life. While I love the windows, I felt I needed the option to have a bit more closure from the sun or during television viewing time.

The available curtain holder is one of those old, funky built in options that include really tiny little rings. Needless to say, we don’t have the hardware to make this set-up effective. That’s where the creativity comes in.

DIY Curtains

Until I can Install new curtain rods or purchase some “S”rings to properly hang curtains, I decided to just go for functional.  Using the sheer curtain fabric from our old apartment, I draped the top over the available curtain rod.  Then, using ribbons from our wedding backdrop, I tied the overhang to the curtain and fanned out the bottom.

This arrangement gives a bit more depth to the living room. Should we want to view a flick (which isn’t often) , we can release some of the ribbons and extend the curtains along the rod. For the most part, it still allows for sunshine to filter into the room and maintains the open floor plan feel.

While it may be a temporary fix, it may be how we fashion the curtains once we have the appropriate hardware.

Sometime the best ideas come from finding ways to fix the little issues life throws our way.

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