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Our Pumpkin in a Pumpkin

by Weegee

Carving PumpkinsIt’s ridiculous really. One of the plethora of names I have given to our furry mess of a cat is Pumpkin Pie. When I come home from the store or dashing down to the post office for our mail, I say “Pumpkin Pie, I’m home.” I rarely get more than a tail swish in my direction.

Last year, on Halloween, our apartment was willing to distribute candy a bit later than one of our neighbors. Thus, he left the candle in the pumpkin glowing for any Trick or Treaters who should happen by our building.  Pirates, ghosts, goblins and a few superheros stopped by, by no kids. After we gave our last Coffee Break to a space man, Mike announced to me, “I’m going to kick the pumpkin out.”

Carving Pumpkins from a TemplateNaturally, I was confused by this statement. Let Random out? On Halloween Eve when everyone within a fifty kilometer radius was setting off fireworks? (Yeah, Halloween is kind of like Fourth of July in the States. We celebrate with fireworks.)

When Mike was little, one of his neighbors referred to extinguishing the light in the Jack O’Lantern as “kicking out the pumpkin.” I’m unsure as to if she actually kicked her own pumpkin or if it was just Cambridge phrasing.

We find ourselves once again in the position to hand out candy, but without any building neighbors who would supply us with the pumpkin so we don’t have to use our own.  The easiest solution was to purchase a pumpkin and carve something other than a hole to make a lantern.

Cat PumpkinsBut what? I’m not very skilled in the carving department, mostly due to my lack of patience. Mike, on the other hand, can draw some pretty decent artwork.  Luckily, the web is full of inspiration.  Alright, we got it from the Better Homes & Gardens website.

“I got it hun,” Mike said, flashing the printout at me. His brilliant idea was to put our pumpkin on the pumpkin, meaning a likeness of our feline will be the artwork on our pumpkin. Yep, we are those kind of crazy cat people.

Using the wood carving tools from our holiday cards block printing tools, Mike knocked crafted a pretty darn good pumpkin!  Granted, the inspiration for the project was interested in our creation for about 10 seconds — then he had to heed the call of his belly. That Pumpkin Pie.

I just hope we finally get some trick or treaters and all the Super Heroes, ghosts, goblins, Harry Potters and Duck Dynasty boys stay home!

Random's Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

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Heidi October 31, 2013 - 5:51 pm

Ha ha… looking good… ha ha … “yep, we are those kind of crazy cat people”. mom and I are hoping for trick or treat kids too!!

Spotting Rainbows November 7, 2013 - 4:17 pm

I’m kind of in love…awesome job! I haven’t carved pumpkins in a few years…since my kid’s were younger. This is so sophisticated…kudos!


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