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Christmas Cards & Cookies Homemade With Love

by Weegee

Maybe it’s the drop in temperatures or the longer nights, but I’m usually inspired to create and bake. Luckily, this meshes rather well with the holiday season — cards and cookies!

Homemade Spice Cookies

Homemade Spice CookiesI love spices. I particularly love the smell the emit during the baking process.  From fresh baked cinnamon rolls to spice cake, there is nothing like the aroma of sweet treats made with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.

I recently discovered this recipe for Soft and Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies on the Brown Eyed Baker site and instantly fell in love. They are packed with spices, not a complete sugar overload and smell absolutely amazing.

Wanting the natural home fragrance but not the calories, I baked a batch and then wrapped them up for neighbors, friends and the cat babysitter. This is an easy to make homemade gift that shows friends and family that you are thinking of them during the holiday crush.

Molasses Spice Cookies


Homemade Christmas Cards

I’m still in the throes of my “year of no purchasing cards” — read: the hubby and I had to make all of our Christmas cards. I know what you are thinking — “Not for me.”  “Seriously?” “Does anyone send those any more?”

While we are less than a week away from Christmas, there is time to tap into your inner crafter and produce your own cards. All you need is card stock (or even regular paper), some colorful writing utensils (markers, crayons, colored pencils or Sharpie paint pens) and some glitter (optional but lots of fun).

Mike and I created two versions. We put a “strand of lights” on one. The stand was just a black line which we added colored light bulbs using paint pens. Since the paint is wet, we added some glitter to make them sparkle.

DIY Homemade Christmas Card

The two of us live near areas that hold a special event known as the Christmas Ships. Ship owners dress up their boats with Christmas lights and then take them out just after sunset for a parade of lights on the water.

So, we created a little sailboat on some of the cards and decorated our own ships for friends and family. ChristmasShips

There’s still time to spread the love! Happy holidays!

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