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Let Him Eat Cake (Donuts)

by Weegee
Homemade Baked Chocolate Donuts

Homemade Baked Chocolate DonutsIn the book, Living Artfully, one of the author’s ten principals is to create moments that matter.  According to Sandra Maqsumer, too often we wait for a big occasion or just the right moment to celebrate life. When you act on the impulses, you open yourself to the possibilities in each moment.

I love that idea. I’m also very intrigued by Maqsumer’s believe that art, defined broadly, “is every possible medium of human expression.”

It was these ideas that inspired a special birthday treat for my spouse.

Chocolate Donuts - BIrthdayAll of us have that special someone who is hard to shop for or who tends to fend for himself when it comes to acquiring needful things. My husband is the same way. When it comes down to his birthday, he often asks for things that aren’t all that fun to purchase. It’s hard to get excited about purchasing socks.

So, this year, I figured I would put my new donut pan to work to give that man of mine a treat he could literally sink his teeth into. On his special day, I rose a bit early and whipped up a batch of homemade baked double-chocolate donuts via a recipe from Buns In My Oven.com.

This recipe is super-easy to make (less than 20 minutes) and includes ingredients that you have around the house. Both of which makes this treat easy to whip up to surprise anyone. From birthdays to acing a test, who can resist a yummy donut?

When his alarm went off, I had a warm batch of yummy, chocolatey goodness that he was able to devour in bed. It was a simple action that surprised him and delighted his belly to no end.

In the end, its the little things we do that can make someone’s day — birthday or not.

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