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My Year Without Buying Cards Complete

by Weegee

Last year, I was shopping for a birthday card for my little sister and was a bit disheartened by the sentimentality in the paper creations available.

I left the store without a card but a resolve to invest in my relationships with a year-long experiment and a dash of creativity. In short, I vowed to stay away from the store card aisles for 12-months.

And I did. For the past 12 months, I have made paper crafts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduations, Christmas cards for everyone and even “We’ve Moved!” announcements created from our moving boxes.

Some were based upon inspiration I found on the Internet, such as the Father’s Day card that resembled a flannel long-sleeved shirt. Others have been based upon special interests of the recipient — such as an owl hoping the birthday girl’s special day was a “hoot and a half.” I have made cards with layers of neatly cut out card stock designs and others with a unique photograph that captured the sentiment.

Now that my year is over, I feel that this is probably something I could commit to as a long-term project. It’s a nice, thoughtful thing I can do for someone else while funneling creative energy. In addition, I have found that I start planning card designs or researching ideas long before the reminder appears in my inbox. What that means is that I am excited about the upcoming creation process. Can’t ask for anything more than that.


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