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Being in the Present is Enough

by mikeandweegee

You Are EnoughEvery morning, I take a walk through the quiet streets of my home town. I strategically plan my outdoor adventure when the rest of the residents are asleep or just starting their hectic days.

It was during one of these walks that I came across a few thoughts written on a wooden fence with chalk. “You are enough. You have enough. You do enough.”

The handwritten words remind me of one of the favorite sayings of Deepak Chopra, a prolific self-development author, which states that “being here is enough.”

According to Chopra, our lives tend to be full of activity and goals but we fail to fulfill our being. Our thoughts propel us to what we need to do, accomplish and be or sink us back memories of wrongs, what we should have done and regrets. This train of thought only brings us to the Worry and Anxiety Station, a far cry from Happyness Station.

We get wrapped up in the situation and our to-do lists that we fail to live in the moment. Not focusing on the present “overshadows the experience of what is with what could be or what was. The past and future dominate” our attention, says Chopra in “The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightment.”

The key is to catch you thoughts when they run away from the present situation. When it takes on the “what if” or “I should” language. We are not the stories our minds create but rather the story tellers of our universe. View the situation with mindfulness awareness, paying attention to the moment and not the drama the mind is great at scripting.

Mindfulness awareness or simply paying attention to the current moment gives us the foundation to react from values. It gives us a chance to fully particpate in the world around us. To live authentically and find solace in our rooted self.

By living in the present, being here is enough. You aren’t concerned with what you lack, what you have to do or areas you are lacking. In this moment, you have everything you need.

Live in the moment. Be present.


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