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DIY: How I Reclaimed Our Entryway for Under $100

by Weegee

Entryways are more than just the hall or door to the rest of the house. They are the first impression of your home, a taste of what is to come, if you will. They are also the transition station from your busy day. It is where you shed your bags, books, keys and jackets from your work life in order to downshift into your home and family life.

Some houses, particularly open concept designs, maximize living space by eliminating the entry way. But don’t get discouraged. There are some simple tricks for creating an entry hall even when you door opens straight into the living room (click here for 13 tricks to try from Houzz.com). You just have to take matters into your own hands.

DIY Entryway In addition to lack of entryway, our new house has eliminated a few storage areas that we depend upon for organization.  We lost built in “junk drawers” and a fridge with a magnetic face for loose papers, business cards, appointments and other odds and ends.

My mission was to create a “dumping ground” for items from our excursions out of the house without making it look messy. In addition, the wall by the door could use a bit of decor. I was out to kill many birds with one decorating stone.

After searching estate sales, VarageSale.com and Craigslist, I found a cute console table that fit perfectly into the space by the door. Couple that with our old vintage coat rack and I felt like we were headed a good direction.

Entry Way Design Create Your OwnAt a local home decor store, I found tiny wicker baskets for on sale for a buck. These could have easily been spotted at Goodwill, a thrift store or a garage sale. The lightweight baskets were mounted on the wall using self-starting hooks. They are just the right size for pens, bus passes, takeout menus, etc.

At an office supply store, I spotted a set of four cork boards made by the Board Dudes for $14. This company also creates uniquely styled boards, dry erase boards and accessories for home, office or school organization.

Entryway2For added flair, I covered two of the cork boards using fabric left over from runners I made for our wedding almost two years ago. I cut the fabric one inch bigger on all sides and then secured it tightly with staples on the back. On one of them, I wound twine around the board and fabric to hold pictures or other documents that shouldn’t be tacked to the cork boards.

DIY EntrywayBetween the baskets on the wall and a tray on the longboard console table, our junk drawer has been reinstated. The cork boards help us with controlling the filing system known as “piles” by the front door. The best part is that it was accomplished for under $100.  If we didn’t need to buy the console table, it would have been under $25.

Get creative. Add your own flair. Experiment with different dividers or unusual furniture placement (dresser?).  Insert your personality and your entryway will become a welcoming place for you.

Enjoy coming home and good luck!






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