Don’t Call It a Comeback: Chipped Beef, It’s What’s For Breakfast

Don’t Call It a Comeback: Chipped Beef, It’s What’s For Breakfast

Chipped Beef HormelThe first time I was introduced to the menu item chipped beef on toast was when Mike ordered it at the Industrial Cafe in northwest Portland. In fact, every time he ordered it, several others would see it exit the kitchen and land on our table and ask for the same thing.

Chipped beef on toast (or creamed chipped beef on toast) is a white sauce or gravy with slivers of dried beef served on top of toasted bread, biscuits, potatoes, egg noodles, rice or in casseroles. It is similiar to biscuits and gravy. In military slang, according to Wikipedia, “it has been referred to as the dysphemismShit On a Shingle” (SOS)—or, “Stew On a Shingle”, “Same Old Stuff”, “Something On a Shingle”, or occasionally “Save Our Stomachs”.”

Dried BeefChipped beef or dried beef comes in a small glass container in the canned meat (tuna, Spam) aisle.  It appears coiled up in the packaging and looks very similiar to pepperoni.  NOTE: Very salty so I don’t recommend eating it straight from the container.

On a recent visit to the States, Mike visited a grocery store and purchased a jar of this former household staple made by Hormel. While he may not be able to journey to NW Portland on the weekends for his favorite brunch meal, that shouldn’t stop him from bringing to our kitchen.

White sauce/gravy or Béchamel sauce is made from roux by melting 1:1 ratio of butter and flour while stirring with a whisk. Stir in milk and simmer until thickened and smooth. When making chipped beef on toast, Hormel recommends flavoring the dish with Worcestershire sauce and dried parsley.
Chipped Beef on ToastOver the weekend, my other half put his jar of dried beef and roux making skills together to create Chipped Beef on Homemade Biscuits. All right, I may be biased, but this concoction was nothing short of amazing. It was quick, easy and hit the spot for a lazy morning.The only changes we made was that we added paprika to give it a bit of a flair flavorwise and a bit of color.Here are some chipped beef recipes to get you started:


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