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How Do You Tap Into Your Inner Michelango?

by Weegee

The David is a Renaissance marble statue masterpiece of a standing male nude created by Italian artist Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. The statue, representing the Biblical hero David, was originally commissioned as one of a series to be featured along the Florence Cathedral roof line. It was, however, placed in a public square, outside the Palazzo della Signoria (seat of civic government in Florence.

As the story goes, the Board of Works for the Cathedral of Florence commissioned Michelangelo to sculpt David from an enormous block of marble left over from another project. For two years, Michelangelo worked on the statue, which he claimed the marble told him was in it.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
— Michelangelo

I have always been a bit envious of people who have this magical eye to see a blank canvas, block of “roughed up” marble or even a blank page for what it could be. This vision that projects the finished item into one’s mind and the ability to work towards that. To me, it was a trait just out of my realm.

Or perhaps I wasn’t in the right kingdom. I have recently discovered my inner Michelangelo through home decor.

Milk Paint Mirror ProjectI have been acquiring furniture, home decor items and accent pieces from thrift stores, garage sales and online sale platforms (varagesale.com).  This has more to do with tricking out my new home on the cheap. But that means that I find great deals where it could use a spot of paint, some sanding or new handle hardware.

I purchased a mirror with a heavy-duty wooden frame from the local thrift store for $7.00. The wooden frame doesn’t much fit with our decor but the character was there. I just needed to bring it out.  Like Michelangelo, I was given a leftover canvas that secretly concealed a masterpiece.

I layered on white milk paint before sanding it down a bit here and there, also known as distressing. I then applied a layer of wood furniture oil and let it dry for about 24 hours. Then I applied a couple of paper embellishments from the local craft store before calling it done.

I wouldn’t label myself a painter or a distressor (is there such a thing?).  I do, however, feel I am getting closer to labeling myself an artist — even if it is just a piece of furniture for our home with a coat of milk paint and a bit of sanding. In my mind, our home is a gallery of Weegee originals . . .

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”
— Michelangelo

Well, said.



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