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Avoid the Easy Crowd, Take the Long Road

by mikeandweegee
“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow.
Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.”
Jim Rohn, personal development guru
Career Path Choices A friend of mine recently put her career path underneath the microscope for a good evaluation. Through this magical hindsight, she realized that perhaps the path she opted for wasn’t the ideal route from A to B. According to her, this was mostly done out of fear for it would have been a bit of more challenging. What she didn’t realize, like Dorothy and her infamous trip to Oz, she had the power to change her path along.

I think it is easy to “join an easy crowd” for it feels like you are heading in a direction that will eventually get you close to what you want. It feels safer for the probability of rejection is low, a direct correlation to the amount of risk involved. As in stock markets, if you aren’t putting much of yourself out there, you aren’t risking much nor will the return be as great.

Note that I said the easy way will “get you close.” The reason is because it doesn’t offer you quite the same opportunity for growth. It is during demanding times, failure that we are put on the fast track to self development. Testing ourselves, challenging ourselves is how we grow, learn, adapt and forge ahead.

The easy way hides itself in every choice. When present with options from switching careers to deciding what is for dinner, evaluate your options. What are you selecting because it is easy? Because it is the safe route? It’s the well worn path that had become a predictable rut?

You have the power to change the situation, to choose a different path. Go against the grain. Choose the more difficult path. You’ll be a better person for it.

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