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Lessons from Carr: Be a Risk Taker

by mikeandweegee

The Raiders football team has made several changes this year, including firing the head coach and resting the offensive hopes on a rookie Derek Carr. They are on the verge of launching their best season, I can feel it.

Although the football team went into Sunday with an 0-4 standing, they were making excellent progress against the Chargers. It was pretty much neck and neck match-up that was coming down to the final moments.  Down three points in the final minutes of the game, Carr dropped back and tossed the ball toward a wide receiver (Brice Butler) only to have the ball pick off by the Chargers. That was all she wrote for the game. El fin.
As a viewer, it was a heartbreaking play to watch. There’s something about the rookie that has captured my admiration. So, when I saw what I interpreted as disappointed (shock?) in his face on the sidelines, I wanted to reach in and tell him that he has nothing to regret. The entire team played the best game of their season thus far despite having a loss and it can only get better from here. I wanted to make sure that he bounced back from this with high expectations. Turns out, my vote of confidence wasn’t necessary.  ” I’d do it 100 times,” Carr said afterwards, according to ESPN.com.Carr and the Raiders are at a stage where they are launching a new era for the team. Stepping up, taking risks and pushing boundaries is how a person can learn, develop and find new ways of tackling setbacks. Risk-taking and problem-solving are just two attributes that help us bounce back from resiliency and lead a creative life, according to the book Ladies Who Launch – Embracing Entrepreneurship and Creativity as a Lifestyle by Victoria Colligan & Beth Schoenfeldt. According to them, “launchers face obstacles on a daily basis, and by doing so gain confidence in their ability to deal with whatever comes down the pike.” The way to build the confidence and trust is to “overcome these obstacles and get yourself through a tough patch.”
We all need to stretch beyond our limits, see things for what they could be and find ways to make them happen. Drop back, go for the gold and lobb it down field. You won’t know what could happen until you try. Hit or miss, you will grow more from the effort than just standing on the sidelines wondering “what if.”
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