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Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

by Weegee

Sweet Paul Mag Veggie Salad Recipe“This is clearly an example where the picture was staged to present the recipe in the best light,” my loving other half said as he dished up his latest experiment.

The roasted vegetable salad was inspired by a garage sale find. A woman was moving back to the mainland and was selling books for a dollar. One of the “books” was this creative mish-mash magazine called Sweet Paul – Chasing the Sweet Things in Life. It is a quarterly magazine that reads like a craft and culinary inspiration book.

One of the recipes jumped out of the 143-page book while Mike was thumbing through it, destined to become his weekend kitchen blowout creation. The Roasted veggie salad (p.14) featured a caper vinaigrette — capers being the key ingredient. For some reason, Mike has this obsession with capers and works them into various recipes including tuna fish sammies.

The recipe uses fall’s amazing vegetables, including beets, potatoes, brussel sprouts and pears. The veggies are roasted for 15 to 18 minutes (22 in our oven) and then mixed with spinach leaves and goat cheese crumbles. The caper dressing is drizzled over the top as part of the great finale.

Here’s the image from the magazine:

Roasted Veggie Salad

And here was our version, also starring my meatloaf:

Roasted Beet Salad

Nailed it! Well, almost.

As you can see, the magazine had a “food stylist” help make it a bit more presentable (the actual picture gives credit to a Paul Lowe). The beets, when roasted with the other fall veggies, tend to give them a pinkish color. Plus, when you “mix together the warm vegetables, spinach and cheese” the vegetables wilted the spinach and melted the crumbles.

However, what our version lacked in presentation made up for in taste. This is an amazing recipe for adding a bit of roasted fall goodness to your evening menu. We had it with meatloaf but it would go well with steak, chicken or any of your favs. It was easy to make (30 minutes) and was even better the next day (we had extras, but ate it cold due to the cheese and vinaigrette).

Make it again? Oh heck yeah. Pink or not, the recipe rocked.



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