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Give the Gift of Gratitude

by Weegee

Gratitude Thank You Letter ChristmasThe ads started early this year, or so it seems. Pushing the latest gadgets, the have-to-haves and what-you-can’t-live-without this holiday season. My inbox has been bombarded with “one day only” and “Black Friday” promotions.

Unfortunately, I am not the demographic for them.

This year, my husband and I have decided to shift our way of thinking during the holidays and start a new tradition — letter writing.

As a gift, my husband and I are exchanging letters this Christmas. These written, hand-crafted presents are to be tokens of the heart. A way for us to express our feelings, gratitude and hopes for the future. It’s an reflection of where we’ve been, an investment in where we are and a plan for where we want to go. It’s a way for us to document our feelings, joy and love for the other person.

A hand-written note is one of the most powerful ways of communicating your thoughts to another person. Think about the last time someone said “thank you” . . . was it verbal? Via email? A card?

Showing gratitude and love is one of the easiest ways to buoy a relationship — it’s also two of the easiest things to take for granted. We assume our husband knows we love them or our wives know we appreciate the dinner they made after a long day at work. We think it goes without saying — but it doesn’t.

A simple thank you, a letter at Christmas or even a long (at least 30 seconds) hug can make a huge impact on your relationship.

I’m not saying avoid Christmas presents or gift swapping. Absolutely keep your holiday traditions.

What I am asking is that you incorporate a letter into a loved ones stocking. Take the time from the holiday hustle and bustle to focus your thoughts on your loved one. Write a letter that expresses your heart, your gratitude and why you are a better person for knowing the other person.

I’m asking that among the gift wrap, new toys and baked goodies, that there is a gift that only you can give.

The gift of gratitude.



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