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The Sweater Blog: Time to Shine

by Weegee
My Fuzzy Sweater

If you want to destroy my sweater
Hold this thread as I walk away
Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked
Lying on the floor (lying on the floor)
I’ve come undone — “The Sweater Song” by Weezer

I call it my “fuzzy.” It’s a big, comfy gray sweater that I wrap around me like a protective cocoon. My personal fabric sanctuary from drafts or when I find myself spiraling into negative thoughts. It’s soft, cushy and . . . nondescript.

My Fuzzy Sweater

My Fuzzy Sweater

My “fuzzy” allows me to fade into the background. It distorts my curves, my imperfections. It is camouflage. It hides me.

I used my sweater to protect — but it really isolates me and restricts my ability to shine.

My sweater has started to feel a few sizes to small.

I once read that every seven years we change. The books we read, company we keep and shows we watch have a way of reprogramming us. Shifting our perspective.

I think I’m growing and my sweater is coming undone. Where I was feared exposure, I’m not so afraid to be unraveled. I am starting to crave it.

It’s time to retire the sweater. It’s time to emerge from my cocoon.

It’s time I shine.

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