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Creativity is in the Bag

by Weegee Sachtjen
Creativity is in the (Hand) Bag

Piles of fabric, buttons and zippers have been squirreled away for a future use that never came. Beautiful,  bright cloth that deserves to be fashioned into a work of art saw nothing but the inside of my closet.

Needless to say, I started 2017 with a closet of creative guilt.

I decided this was the year. 2017 was going to be my liberation from guilt and my fabrics freedom from my dreary closet. This was going to be the 365 days where I open my closet and invite my muse to dive into the linen, adornments and patterns to emerge with a one of a kind creation.

In short, and with less words, I am using the scraps, old sheets and other odds and ends to revamp my purse collection.

This is my first one, entitled “Too Cold to Do Anything But Sew.”

I dig it.

Number 2 is in the works! Details soon!

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