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My XL Life: Unleashing My Storyteller Self

by Weegee
My XL (40) Life - Turning 40

My XL (40) Life - Turning 40

“40 = XL in Roman numerals. A good time to be livin’ extra large!”

My cousin posted the above on a Facebook post of mine regarding turning the big 4-0. While I was excited to turn 40, I don’t think I fully embraced the extra large lifestyle — at first.

Several days after the nudge from my cousin, I wondered what it would take for me to have an “XL” life. I wondered how I could level up the life that I already adore. What does the “XL” life mean to me?

The shortlist I developed included:

Sharing My Craft
I carve out personal writing time every morning. I write scenes, short stories or simple journal for about an hour. This is my creative release. In my XL version, I would start sharing them with people – at open mics, on a blog or even in contests.

Social Skills
With the help of Toastmasters and my current position as a cashier at IGA, I have upped my social interactions. I want to continue to foster those interactions and start making guests appearances at places where I know no one — and have no idea what to expect. That is the heart of my anxiety, and I feel it would be the epic accomplishment for me.

I have done NaNoWriMo five times, and plan to do another one this year. I am still honing my craft and finding my voice of expression. However, it is my goal to share one of my novels with the world before turning the big 5-0.

As you probably noticed, my XL life is one of storytelling. I am at the point where I have listened, understood and processed my world and now seek to share what I see. I want to put my best, unique and honest self on paper — or share it face-to-face.

In short, my XL life means unleashing my storyteller self.


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