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Happy Kick Ass New Year!

by Weegee

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I’m not sure when I started seeing the posts on Instagram. It was before Christmas and may have even been before Turkey Day. People started asking for people to  “like”or type “agree” if they were done with 2017 and hoped 2018 would be a better year.

Cue record scratch and look of utter disbelief on my face. What?

The content of our years aren’t dependant upon the four digits. It doesn’t change when the clock strikes midnight. There’s no reset that occurs overnight like a New Year’s edition of “Groundhog Day.” 

The troubles, strive, struggle, issues, problems you are dealing with in 2017 roll right into 2018. 

The magic recipe for having a better 2018 is simple — change something YOU are doing.  Put differently, if you want a kick ass 2018, start with a kick ass you!

Our lives only change when we change something we are doing daily. Want more peace? Ditch the dramatics. Want to lose weight? Change the amount you consume each day. 

Our lives change when we change.

I am the power of change. Not the clock. Not the year. Not liking someone’s post on Instagram. (Read: this means you are the power of change in your life. Embrace it. Own it. Kick ass.)

I may be a bit overly optimistic — but I’m calling this one early. 2018 is going to be my kick ass year. 

I’m going to share my daily intentions, which was inspired from a sign at an AirBnB suite I visited over the Christmas holiday. You can find intentions anywhere, including a well-decorated washroom. This is what I am trying to change in my daily life to put that stellar year on lock:

* Live each day with intention (not get swept up in the shoulds or have tos)

* Be fearless (stretch my comfort zone)

* Be present (it’s how we connect and it contributes to better understanding of others)

* Show gratitude (helps to see what I have and not what is missing)

* Enjoy the day (every day offers us a better understanding of ourselves and the place in the world)

Do you have intentions? A goal? Resolutions? What would make 2018 better than 2017? What can you do to make sure that happens?

It comes down to you. 

Happy Kick-Ass New Year!

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Sheila December 31, 2017 - 10:40 am

Weegee! Great set of intentions for 2018! I had a kick ass 2017 and am aiming to repeat in the new year (with changes). Thanks for the inspiration, and Happy Kick Ass 2018 to you!!! xo


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