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Thrift Store Find: Pancake Puff Pan

by Weegee
Pancake Puffs Pan As Seen on TV

Pancake Puffs Pan As Seen on TV

Breakfast is a thing in our house. A big thing.

So big, in fact, that our wedding reception five years ago was a pancake feed complete with all the toppings!

During the work week, Mike and I have the same old same old breakfast — avocado toast with fresh fruit. It’s when the weekend hits that our mornings take on a different flavour. We make waffles, egg birds nests and pancakes.

I was just starting to think that our weekend breakfast blowouts needed a bit of a change when a new item came into the Community Services Thrift Store sorting room (where I volunteer on Mondays).

That item was a new Pancake Puffs pan, still in the original packaging. What took this item over the top was the sticker on the box that read, “As Seen On TV!”

Pancake Puffs

In short, how could I turn it down?

To maximize space and save on clutter, Mike and I try to stay away from single use items like the famous Quesadilla machine or the classic Sandwich Maker. So, this item was a bit of a splurge for a morning of yummy goodness.

But the price couldn’t be beat.

It took an immeasurable amount of will power to wait until the weekend to fire up the cast iron pan and whip up my fluffy pancake batter.

The puffs made were about the size of a golf ball. Putting them into a bowl smothered in yogurt and berries was just this side of breakfast heaven.

But I didn’t stop there. I decided that the chili I was going to make needed cornbread floaties (my terminology). It was just as easy to create little baked hush puppy-esque garnishes.

Needless to say, this item is far from being a uni-tasker. It is an item we experiment with and create new baked goodness to go with our meals.

Cornbread Hush Puppy - Pancake Puffs

This thrift store find was well worth the fiver spent to add it to our kitchen.


Community Services Thrift Store is located at 731 North Road in Gibsons. Follow the store on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CommunityServicesThriftStore/




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