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Becoming a Bit Sketchy (Teaching Myself to Draw)

by Weegee

Words are my life.

I use words all day long. I write press releases, social media posts, emails and texts. I write journal entries, short stories, long stories and shopping lists. I write Toastmaster speeches, blog entries and welcome books for our vacation suite.

I write all the time.

However, lately, I have found that there are times when words escape me. I am having a hard time putting my full thought, emotion into a sentence that can be understood by myself and others. There are times when language doesn’t do my emotions justice.

Writing, words, have been my only outlet for so long. How does one express themselves when their preferred method ceases to fulfill that need?

I caught myself scanning the discount Kindle books section of Amazon.ca and spotted a “Learn to Draw” book for $1.99. That’s like taking a course in your home for less than a toonie.

I purchased it and let the book sit, undownloaded, in my Kindle library for a couple of weeks while I tried to figure out why I purchased the item.

I have never been compelled to draw or paint. I can draw a straight line with the guidance of a ruler, but that has been the extent of my artistic ability in the sketching department.

While in the school/home office supplies section of the local drugstore, I spotted charcoal pencils. Another impulse buy, along with the black notebook spotted at a thrift store.

Since mid-January, I have started sketching small things. Eyes. Dandelions from above. The island across the way.

While they aren’t any good, I realized that comes with practice. My first attempt at writing wasn’t a sentence but my name over and over. It would be years before I could write something worthy of publishing.

Drawing eyes, dandelions and the island across the way are just the first steps in my attempt to become sketchy. Wait until I draw something worth displaying.

It’s a goal.

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