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Creating Structure for My Inner Chaos

by Weegee

I was inspired to take a meditative art class to unless my inner creative via a new outlet.

At my first class, I was instructed to pick up an oil pastel crayon and draw a single line until I was done with that colour or wanted to start anew one. My inner toddler was enthused. I have never used oil pastels and it has been a while since I allowed myself to create messy fridge art.

I attacked the paper with 24 colours of wide abandonment — to a degree. I found myself trying to stay around the center-ish of the paper so that the colourful utensil in my hand didn’t ruin my instructors lovely dining room table.

It wasn’t until I picked up the black and created my own border around the paper (yes, I gave something with a clear border a border), that my creative inner toddler was able to be completely free. Free to go edge to edge. To scribble to my hearts delight.

The pictures don’t look like much but they were the most fun to create.

And it taught me a little something about creative boundaries that I will carry over into other areas of my life. To feel free to completely create, I need to set up a boundary. Perhaps it is a time frame in which I write every day. Or number of times I sketch per week.

Just having it on my to-do list, wish for the day isn’t enough. I need structure to unleash my inner chaos.

PS – If you live on the Sunshine Coast, BC and have a chance to take the meditative writing or art (or both as I am doing!) with Carine De Kock, you will not regret it! Ever.

P.S.S. – Note to self: Buy oil pastels STAT. How did I make it to 41 and NEVER used oil pastels? Criminal.

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