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Six Years and Counting

by Weegee

Change doesn’t happen quickly, at least not usually. Sure, you have the sudden overnight loss of a loved one or car accident. There are moments when you are employed one moment and not the next. Those are sudden, sudden life-altering changes.

But for the most part, in the day to day grind, things don’t change daily. It’s a slow progression over time of minor tweaks, adjustments and course realignments. It’s choices that don’t seem like big choices but add up with a dose of time.

Six years ago, I married my best friend and on the surface, not much has changed. We still make Friday treats. We still hold hands when we walk around our hometown (or anywhere, really). We still enjoy waffles on Saturday morning and fight with the cat for space on our king bed.

It’s the anniversaries when we pause, pop our heads up from the day to day, that we notice the milestones of our slow progression.

In the last six years, we have:

  • We have moved to the Sunshine Coast
  • Bought a house
  • Opened a vacation suite
  • Floated in a narrowboat down an English canal
  • Stormed a French castle
  • Started roasting our own coffee
  • Took up photography (Mike) and experimented with painting (Weegee)
  • Became whole food/plant-based (Vegan-ish)
  • Became Canadian

Life has a way of challenging us with the big changes. But it is in our ability to make choices and decisions day to day, to see how the little things become big ones, that makes us resilient when change happens.

Here’s to six years. And many more

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