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I Dream of Pie Tin Pancakes

by Weegee

Pie tin pancakes.

That was the words that popped into my head when my cat head-butted me awake at 3:08 this morning.

Half awake, I rolled over and said, “I just had a dream about pie tin pancakes.”

“So, a cake?” My husband said, with his eyes closed. Apparently, the cat had stopped by to say hello to my husband in his brutish manner moments before crossing over to my side of the bed to offer me the same salutation.

“No, a pie tin. Like a large pancake. Baked.” I whispered. My interrupted REM was beckoning me back.

“A pie cake.” He said and rolled over.


Normally, my nocturnal ideas evaporate by the time I put my feet on the floor and my glasses on my face. But not today.


The idea of a giant baked pancake lingered long after I got up and shuffled out to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee.  As I worked out the details of how long it would bake and at what temperature in my mind, I couldn’t ignore the growing sense of excitement.

I like the idea of creating something new using just a bit of flour, some baking powder, an egg, some melted butter, and a well-greased pan. Success wasn’t guaranteed, but failure didn’t seem that important.

Baking is an exercise in hope. It is mixing together ingredients, popping it in the oven and hoping that it turns out. Putting faith in your skills and anticipating success.


That was the magic I created in the kitchen as I crafted a pancake in a pie tin (well, a glass one for I wasn’t sure how it would come out). I was so engrossed in the process, I barely noticed the presence of my husband.

“That’s what I love about you,” he said, interrupting my concentration.

“That I make you breakfast?”

“That you dream about something and get up and make it,” he smiled.

Well, who can resist pie tin pancakes?

By the way, they turned out pretty awesome. It was a giant pancake that could be sliced up and sauced up with orange syrup and blueberries.

Sometimes our dreams can be sweet — and doable.

Note: Pie tin pancakes are easy to do. Make your favourite pancake recipe. Grease a pie tin with a bit of butter. Pour the batter in the tin. Bake in the oven for 17 minutes at 375 degrees. Bam. Breakfast is done.

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