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Bringing 2020 into Focus: My Year of More

by Weegee Sachtjen
My Year Of More - Buying Bulk Beans

As the clock ticks down to midnight, it’s a popular custom to make promises of change. These goals and resolutions often focus on behaviours we “don’t want” such as smoking, eating sugar or social media time. We focus on changing the less than perfect sides of us to aim for that ideal we hold in our heads.

2020 is the year I focused on what I want to see more of in my life. It is a way for me to focus on what I am doing right — but to level up these activities, values to the next level. It is my year of more.

This came from a discussion I had with a friend of mine on New Year’s Eve. She mentioned wanting to continue to go green and focus on reducing single-use items. Upon reflection, I realized to do “more” in that area I would have to have a change in lifestyle.

I don’t eat at fast-food restaurants or on the go. I don’t buy a cup of coffee unless it comes in a ceramic mug or I have my handy reusable in my purse. I grab shopping and produce bags when I am headed to the store. I take my own silverware and beeswax wraps for farmers’ market finds. I buy shampoo, detergents, and soaps in glass containers from refillable stores. I don’t buy new clothes or home furnishings when there are so many awesome options at thrift and confinement stores. I walk or bus instead of drive when I can.

But there is one area where I can do more – beans. As vegan (ish), we don’t buy many products in bags or plastics. However, I do purchase cans of beans. Lots of beans. Beans, along with nut butters, is a primary protein source.

My Year Of More - Buying Bulk Beans
My Year Of More – Buying Bulk Beans

It is easy for me to say that a can of black beans isn’t going to hurt. Over time, though, the cans add up. It’s a lot of beans.

And they don’t have too.

This is where I can do more. Soaking and cooking beans I buy in bulk takes about an hour of time. However, it is an hour of time I can do while blogging, vacuuming, roasting coffee beans or cuddling with Random the Cat.

Since New Year’s Eve, I haven’t purchased a can of beans or lentils. I’m not going to lie. It involves thinking ahead to the next meal or the next day – making sure one of the key ingredients has been soaked and cooked before it is needed. I have boiled chickpeas to make hummus and kidney beans to make enchiladas.

It’s a change in lifestyle that enables me to do “more” of what I think is a good thing. Some of my other “more” projects include:

  • More walking – at least 8,000 steps a day but I’m shooting for 10k
  • More healthy eating – I make a lot of veggie-based choices, particularly when out, but I could do “more”
  • More connection face-to-face vs. screen time – I have been stepping away from social media and I’m ready for more
  • More writing – this includes blogging, journaling, and novels
  • More community – giving is the best way to connect with others

What does your 2020 look like? How can you level up?

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Tina Anderson January 24, 2020 - 6:11 am

I love the idea on focusing on the positive things in life and leveling up. Instead of stopping, mindfully continuing the things we are most proud of!


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