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Adding Bass to Our Retirement Track

by Weegee Sachtjen
Hobbies for Retirement Happiness

Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

I’m not sure who wrote or uttered these words of wisdom but it resonated with my husband and myself.

In one of those “is the universe trying to tell me something” occurrences, I had a discussion about the hardships of retirement with FOUR different people in ONE WEEK. Each conversation centered around how retirement was falling short of their blissful expectations.

The general gist of the conversations was “what to do with the free time?” that retirement offered. Some people were finding the freedom to do what they want eventually wore off and they were going stir crazy in their homes. Others were finding that their spouse didn’t adequately plan for their downtime and their spouse was finding the situation a bit irritating.

Either way, I saw the writing on the wall. If my hubster and I are going to enjoy our golden years, we need something to keep us busy.

I have read the success stories about people who didn’t take up acting until their fifties or write their breakout bestseller until they were collecting government cheques. I always chalked it up to finally being comfortable enough with yourself to express yourself. Or the desire to leave a bit of yourself behind after the final act.

But perhaps it is just needing something more to do.

For the hubster and I, we share two of the three hobbies. The two of us roast and sell coffee beans at local farmers’ markets (one to make you money). The two of us dig hiking and walking around town (1 to keep you in shape). But the third one was tricky.

My creative outlet is writing. I journal. I write blogs. I write short stories and short novels. I am always writing or thinking about plot lines. It keeps my mind active and in the creative process even when I am selling coffee.

However, my husband was struggling with his creativity. He tried photography but that endeavor stalled out. It’s one where you either need to continue to purchase equipment or software in order to create. Yes, he could take pictures but the set up for the perfect picture wasn’t what he enjoyed.

One to be creative. My husband spent a few weeks trying to think of what would engage his mind and make his inner creative soar.

“Bass guitar,” are the only two words he said to me one morning. He liked the idea of practicing an instrument and hearing the instant feedback on what he was playing. He spent A LOT of downtime researching what he would like to play (instrument wise and within the bass guitar family).

That is how we found ourselves in a guitar store in downtown Vancouver thirteen minutes after they opened last Saturday morning. He tested bass guitars, amps, and shoulder straps. He talked about filters, fades and tuning. He practiced strumming and slapping.

I never got the picture of pure joy on his face when he heard the first bit of thunder that rumbled through the small store with a flick of his fingers. But it is a look I will NEVER forget.

We got the bass home and set up in a room where he can jam after work, on the weekends or during moments that his daily schedule allows. He’s already got one or two chords that he can strum from memory.

Sidenote, chores and projects are getting done faster because both of us have a hobby we look forward to at the end of the day. We connect over dinner, knock out a few things and then the two of us part ways to work on our creative side. Rather than sinking into the couch to watch the creative output of others, we are ending our day on a high note of self-expression.

Like I said, I think the universe was telling us something. Or perhaps it was asking us for our creative sides.

We’re golden with our three hobbies. What are yours?

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Tina Anderson February 19, 2020 - 8:44 am

Another great post!!!

Weegee Sachtjen February 20, 2020 - 5:09 am

You should see your cousin! He’s digging the jam sessions! Hope all is well with you!


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