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Kind of a Big Thing – Taking Action When I Don’t Want To

by Weegee Sachtjen
Kind of a Big Thing - Taking Action

I learned something about myself yesterday – I’m kind of a big thing.

Yesterday, I woke up to about a centimetre of snow on the ground. Pretty, but it wasn’t going to derail my day. Not at that depth.

I got dressed and headed outside to roast coffee for the next day’s market. I, like everyone else in my area of the world, figured it would turn to rain around noon and melt away.

However, this heavy, slushy snow continued to fall all morning. The one centimetre grew to about 10 in a very short time. My steep driveway that goes into the unplowed laneway was starting to accumulate this wet snow, which could freeze if the temperature wavered a touch below freezing.

“It’ll turn to rain. It’ll wash away.” It was what I told myself. It was what the weather app on my tablet said. There was a part of me that knew that I should go out and shovel or at least clear some of the snow, in case. What if it doesn’t come out in the wash?

How often do I (or we) do that? Resist conversations thinking it will work itself out? Avoid follow up questions because we figure that “it will pass?”

“That part of me” . . . Whenever I hear that “part” speak, I know I need to act. It is my intuition throwing a vague prediction into the air. It is my gut responding to a higher power than my morning oatmeal. It is telling me to act and step outside of my comfort zone.

I have been struggling with what I call the lazy factor in my life. The shortcuts I take to avoid doing the hard work or the easy way to get things done.

I’m not talking about watching television when I could be writing my novel. Or sleeping in when there are chores and work to do.

It is more about sidestepping conversations that are hard so I can still be comfortable. It’s about taking the reins of destiny to guide it but being flexible about the outcome. It’s about taking ownership of my choices and decisions rather than feeling like a victim of circumstance.

In short, it’s about taking action in my world and not reacting to it. Especially when I don’t want to do it.

“That part of me” . . . .

I suited up and went outside. I shoved my driveway. I shoveled the steps. I shoveled the walkway on the other side of the house.

“That’s a lot of work when it’s about to turn to rain,” my neighbour said.

“It’s all going to wash away by morning,” another one offered.

I kept shoveling. They weren’t saying anything my lazy side hasn’t already repeated multiple times in my head. In fact, I shoveled that driveway TWICE yesterday due to snow accumulation.

It wasn’t about the outcome or the off chance it would come out in the wash. It was about listening to my intuition, making a choice, taking action and doing the work — regardless of other people’s opinions.

Even if it was going to melt away, I was helping Mother Nature to ensure it happened in the areas I need it to happen. I wasn’t along for the ride but steering the boat.

When I was done, I have to say, it felt pretty good. Like I was kind of a big thing. It was empowering to be part of the outcome rather than along for the ride with Mother Nature.

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