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Thank You COVID-19 For Putting Our Passion into Focus

by Weegee Sachtjen
Focus on Our Passions

It’s been a challenging month for everyone. Coronavirus is on our social media feeds, inboxes, television, news updates and even every conversation we have. There have been stories from our community about the good things people have done in the face of this challenge: volunteers stepping up to go grocery shopping, stores opening early for seniors and neighbours reaching out to their fellow neighbours. That has warmed our hearts.

On a personal note, Mike and I have struggled with the same choices many people are facing. Do I go out? Should we cancel? What is socially responsible? How can we support local . . . from a distance?

However, we also run a coffee stand at local farmers’ markets. How do we continue to support local farmers and artisans while enhancing safety precautions, follow ever-changing guidelines and avoid further spread?

This last one has resulted in many conversations and double-guessing. It has created anxious moments and pushed us to the point of feeling overwhelmed. In fact, we took a detox day last Sunday where we avoided our devices and any talk about COVID-19.

COVID-19 has led to some hard discussions. Discussions we would have had if we had a storefront. Decisions that would have had to be made if we were brick and mortar. Choices and alterations needed to be made to ensure the safety of customers and vendors. Call into local health authorities about how we can increase our safety practices a bit more to ensure we are doing enough, above and beyond, during this time. It pushed us to be creative. It pushed us to different levels of communication. And, it gave us a taste of what our future dream would hold on a challenging day.

We believe coffee connects the community. We believe in the power of supporting local. We believe in supporting local farmers. We believe in our community. We believe in the strength of us – united.

All of this was something that lurked in the background day to day — but became our primary focus after COVID-19 became an hourly update. It was something we felt — but never saw as our vision.

Thank you, COVID-19 for putting our passion in focus. Coffee connects the community. We believe in the community.

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