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Whipping Up Instant Coffee

by Weegee Sachtjen
Dalgona Coffee - Whipped Coffee

I will admit that I was a bit hesitant to try the COVID-19 self-isolation trend of whipping instant coffee – but not for the reason you think.

Whipped coffee is simple, easy and has the appearance of pudding with the consistency of meringue. When stirred, it could easily mimic a strong frappe.

Whipped Coffee originated in South Korea and is also known as Dalgona Coffee, named after a honeycomb toffee candy. The key to its popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is Instagramable and you don’t have to be good in the kitchen to create it. Also, it’s pretty darn amazing how just three ingredients turn into a whipped topping.

The recipe is simple:

2 tbsp Instant Coffee
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp hot water
Glass of ice
Milk (we used oat milk)

Mix the instant coffee and sugar. Add the hot water and whip. It takes about three minutes before you start seeing peaks. (Hint: Put in freezer for about 30 seconds half way helps get it to a solid state). Once it starts to thicken, add some ice to glasses and pour milk into the glasses. Add the whipped coffee and enjoy (makes two).

It is not possible to make Dalgona Coffee with espresso or ground coffee. The key to the whipped topping is instant coffee and it has to do with the drying process of the granules — so not all instant coffee will yield the same results (in whipping and in taste).

Surprisingly, as a coffee roaster, I do have a selection of instant coffee. We take instant when we travel and are unsure about brewing abilities at the places we are staying. We have fond memories of the bed and breakfasts in England that offer little instant coffee packets in their rooms. It wasn’t the instant coffee that caused me to hesitate.

No, it was the sugar. The recipe has one-to-one for coffee and sugar. I am not one who puts cream or sugar in my coffee. For me, a little bit of sweet goes a long way. Bring on the bitter bombs, but I am cautious when sugar is involved.

The drink is very strong in coffee flavour with an overly sweet aftertaste. Once I stirred in the topping, the flavours balanced out with the ice and oat milk. It’s one of those recipes that I am glad we tried. However, it is a bit much on the flavour for me to have more than once.

However, I was impressed at the whipping action of the instant coffee!

Whip it up . . . let me know what you think!

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