Author: mikeandweegee

Writing Rituals Carve Paths to Creativity

Writing is like forging a path through an area of Gibsons full of overgrowth, blackberry brambles and weeds. The first few trips are difficult as the brambles trip you, you stumble on broken sticks or get turned around thanks to a an inherited bad sense of direction. However, this shortcut becomes worn down, easier, one trip at a time until it is a winding track free of debris to your destination. The more it is used, the easier it is to be used.

What’s your writing ritual? Mine involves air guitar to Boston’s “More than a Feeling.”

Try, Try Again: A Lesson from the Oakland Raiders

How many times have you challenged yourself and fell a bit short? How many times would you dust yourself off and head back onto the playing field with optimism that this was it, your chance to succeed?

NFL’s Oakland Raiders did it 10 times while serving up a lesson in perseverance and resiliency to us all.

Patient With Your Inner Musician

There are times when I get discouraged with my crafty side. The side that wants to milk paint home furniture or write a mystery book. In my head, I can see the finished product in all its glory. What is in front of me is anything but glorious. I admit. I get disheartened about the creative process. That was until I saw myself as learning the scales for my personal symphony.