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How Do You Tap Into Your Inner Michelango?

I have always been a bit envious of people who have this magical eye to see a blank canvas, block of “roughed up” marble or even a blank page for what it could be. This vision that projects the finished item into one’s mind and the ability to work towards that. To me, it was a trait just out of my realm.

Or perhaps I wasn’t in the right kingdom. I have recently discovered my inner Michelangelo through home decor.

My First Attempt at Milk Painting Home Decor

It was a dark and stormy morning . . . perhaps that's a bit too cliche. The falling rain put a damper on my to-do list of mowing the yard, weed whacking and an errand trip into town.

Before sending out notices that the parade was completely canceled for the day, I decided to adjust the program to include a new project – milk painting.

DIY Canvas Guest Bags

This week’s Random Creations post was inspired by two blank canvas bags that I purchased for $.25 each at the local flea market. With friends arriving in town for the weekend, I decided to convert the find into a souvenir gift bag for their travels. While the idea of personalizing a canvas bag isn’t anything new, the idea appeals to me as a method to reduce vacation memento clutter.