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Moving on Up in Toastmasters!

As a work from home blogger, I am not in a position where I need to make inspiring speeches to employees or persuasive ones to board of directors. I needed help ironing out the awkwardness in my everyday encounters. I needed help with overcoming the overwhelming feeling one gets while engaging in small talk or meeting strangers. I needed Toastmasters for everyday life and it has since become something I use everyday.

What’s Your Definition of Success? I Finally Found Mine

We’re spinning our wheels to keep up with The Jones’ (next door and in the next cubicle) only to learn that they are doing the same to keep up with us. In short, we are all trying to live up to a definition of success that none of us feels committed to, but continue to push ourselves because we believe that is the qualifier for happiness. For living the best life possible.

But what is that? Where does this path of success take us? Perhaps the better question that we should all ask ourselves is — do I want to go?